“See you around.”

For those who do not know, this blog was created as a quarter project for my Intro to Multimedia class. It started as just that, a graded project, but as the quarter passed and more work was done it didn’t feel like just a grade but it felt like a purpose.

I am so glad that I picked this topic because I have learned so much more and gotten to know more about the amazing students who have been featured.

Every interview that I did I was able to have conversations as how I related. It’s not surprising because I am also a first-generation student but it was so interesting to have very similar stories!

The good about blogging has been that it has been easy to share the posts online. It’s also easy to find online. I don’t know how but people from all over the world have visited this blog at some point. It’s been an awesome experience.


I can’t think of anything bad about blogging. I have really enjoyed it and I’m considering one day becoming a professional blogger.

Over the past three months, “First-Generation” has received over 1,000 visitors! It’s been really great to see that people are getting to know how it is to be a first-generation college student.

The post that has gotten the most views has been “It Starts with a Dream.” Which happens to be one of the most interesting posts I have done. Mostly because it was an event that brought together students from different schools and ages. It reminded me of when I was a high school student and aspired to attend college. The Xicano Youth Conference was a great way to inspire young students to also aspire to attend college.

I have had fun doing this blog but unfortunately since I will be starting a new academic quarter with different courses and more responsibilities I won’t be able to put as much time as I do now. During the next few months I will be brainstorming ideas of how to continue this blog and hope that by the fall I will be posting content again. I also hope that students and anyone interested in the topic will find this blog and use it as a resource and maybe even as motivation.

So it’s not a final end just a “see you around!” Remember, don’t miss out on the video coming up this Thursday!

Comments from peers:

“I love reading this blog, the tone is entertaining and easy to follow. The layout is really creative. This blog is an honest look at what it’s like to be a first-generation college student and it’s really helpful” – Cameron Bones

“You blog looks very clean and professional. It’s super insightful for readers who are first-generation and things they should know to help them succeed. I would like more pictures though!” – Hannah Landry

“It is really cool to learn about how first-generation students cope with new situations. As someone who grew up in a family where college was so engrained into my head as something I had to do because my whole family had, it was interesting to read about the college experience from someone that had the opposite experience.” – Kaylee Bingham

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