7 Reasons First-Gen and Low-Income College Students Should Use Alltuition

Applying to a college is one thing and applying for financial aid is another. It is very important for first-generation students and other low-income students to apply for financial aid because it could be the only source of funding they have to pay for college. Just like the college application the Free Application for Student Aid is tedious. Which is why Alltuition is very helpful and can come in handy to go through that application process. Here are 7 reasons why:

1) Personalized

at 4

at 3

at 2

This will give you the information tailored to your own school.

2) You know how much college will cost you

at 5

Even though it’s not exactly what it will cost you, in my experience it could be less than estimated. But at least you have an idea of what is to come.

3) Gives you a timeline


Know exactly when everything is due and when you should be working on something. Helps you not miss out on important time frames.

4) Reminds you about important dates

at 6

Because you do not want to miss an important date like sending in your application. That would be bad.

5) Guides you through each form

t 9

Forms can be so confusing. What goes there? Am I putting the right information? Well here is your helpful friend to guide you.

6) Saves your information


All you have to do is create an account! No more hassle of having to input over and over again.

7) Helps you analyze your loans

at 1

It is important to know what your loans mean and you can do it for free. Except, you have to pay to use an extra feature, consolidate your loans. Other than that you can link your loans and explore repayment for free!


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