Time for a Blog Checkup

Nothing is perfect. As a writer I will make mistakes and also beautiful pieces.

This post is different than all the previous ones. It’s a self evaluation of how I’m doing with the blog. I want this blog to be great. There needs to be a maintenance check to keep the ship afloat. In order to do this I gathered comments from my peers to help me find what I could do better and what I am already doing good!


This did not come up in a comment but it’s something that I want to comment on. One thing that I have been going back and forth about doing is changing my theme. The reason for this is that my current theme pushes down the archive and twitter feed all the way to the bottom. But I really like the color scheme and style. I hope to find one that resembles it but has the archive and twitter feed to the side where it is more easy to be seen. Also, one that accepts the size of my header. I made it on Photoshop and I’m pretty proud of it.

Header. Photo by Melissa Nunez

“Your link fonts could be a different color for the sake of those who can’t read light colors.” 

Very, very, very good point. I haven’t paid too much attention to the the color of my hyperlinks. It goes well with the theme but definitely a bolder font will be better.  JustJared does that really well. The hyperlinks stand out and are identifiable. My hyperlinks should too.

“I really enjoyed how you stated student’s personal experiences with college.” 

One of my goals when starting this blog was too make it a blog about the students. As much as I can fully relate to it I did not want to put my own insight. I’m saving that for a future post plus I talk about it on the “About Me” page. This way whoever comes across this blog can see the insight of different first-generation students. Each have different feelings and experiences. It gives the reader a variety of voices. Definitely something that will continue.

“I think you should include first gen student’s backgrounds like how their life was back at home…I think you should put more emotion into the blog.” 

Agreed! I definitely want to add more emotion the blog. I have a future post planned out about the background of first generation students. Another goal of mine for this blog is to do “spotlights” on first-generation students. Making the readers feel more close to the students who are featured in this blog. Also, readers who are students that can feel a personal connection. Up to now, my posts haven’t showed that but that’s going to change soon. “I’m First” has posts that are good examples of showing that part of being a first-generation student.

“You deliver the facts, visuals, and testimonials necessary to inform us effectively.”

Yay! In the very first post on this blog I mentioned that my content would be similar to that on “First Generation Student“. Their posts use the point of view of students to inform on different topics relating to first-generation students.  It’s great to hear that I’m reaching that and plan to keep going at it.

I like getting feedback so if you have any comments make sure to post them in the comment section that can be found under each post.


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